NL-831 (National Electronics)
Nixie Röhre/ Nixie Tube


Röhrendaten/ Tube Data
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Typ Type   NL-831
Hersteller Brand   National Electronics
Vergleichstypen Substitudes   -
Symbole Displayed symbols   M, K, µ [top], C, S [bottom]
Symbolhöhe Symbol height   8mm (0.315") 
Abmessungen Overall dimensions   20mm (0.790") X 26mm (1.024") X 29mm (1.142") tall 
Pindurchmesser Pin diameter   1.02mm (0.040")
min. Betriebsspannung min. supply voltage V 200
typ. Brennspannung typ. maintaining voltage V 170
typ. cahthode current mA 1
Sockel Base   SK-136, Pin 6 oben/ SK-136 pin 6 at top
Fassung Socket   SK-136 oder Einlötbuchsen 1mm/
SK-136 or Pin Receptacles 1mm


Pin Anschluss/
1 Anode
2 internal connection
3 internal connection
4 Cathode (µ)
5 internal connection
6 Cathode (M)
7 Cathode (K)
8 internal connection
9 internal connection
10 Cathode (C)
11 Cathode (S)
12 internal connection
13 internal connection
14 internal connection

(Pinout- graphic by Alan Franzman)
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view
Pfeil zeigt Blickrichtung / Arrow shows direction of viewing!

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