SK-136 (Siemens Typ RöFsg1014)
Nixie Fassung/ Socket

SK-136 Sockel- Beispiel/
SK-136 Base example:


Pinout graphics by Alan Franzman
Ansicht von unten / Bottom view


Physical Characteristics:

German English  
für Sockel For base SK-136
Typ Type RöFsg1014
Hersteller Manufacturer Siemens
Anzahl der Pins Number of pins 14 (Tube: 11, 12, 13 or 14)
Pin- Durchmesser Pin Diameter 1.02mm (0.040")
Andere Namen für diesen Sockel Aliases Oval Nixie, 30254, 30256, 55705, M-128 ?, PL31A-P (ПЛ31А-П), RTS-4, RTS-10, SK-144, SK-169, TSR-11P, RöFsg1017

 This tube sockets fit for the following Nixie and readout tubes (examples!):

1970-0009; 1970-0012; 1970-0013; 1970-0015; 1970-0016; 4205991; 5991; 5L5615; 8422; B210GH; B-5961; B-5971; B-5991; B-59917; B-59917A; B-5992; B-59937; B-59952; B-59956; B-5999; B-6422; B-8422; CD25; CD43; CD56; CD56A; CD58; IN-12A(ИН-12А); IN-12B(ИН-12Б); IN-15A(ИН-15А); IN-15B(ИН-15Б); JAN-8422; KS-19944,L1; NL-226; NL-5592; NL-5961; NL-5965; NL-5971; NL-5991; NL-5992; NL-5997; NL-806; NL-809; NL-810A; NL-816; NL-826; NL-831; NL-8422; SZ-J2; XM1000; ZM1100; ZM1102; ZM1162; ZM1162A; ZM1162M; ZM1180; ZM1181; ZM1182; ZM1183; ZM1184A; ZM1186; ZM1188.
and many others!

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