CD47 Nixie Tube Clock SMPS- Partlist

Part Value
C100 0.47/275VAC
C101 0.47/275VAC
C102 4700p/250VAC
C103 4700p/250VAC
C105 4700p/250VAC
C106 4700p/250VAC
C109 470/400V
C110 2.2/160V
C111 100/16V
C112 220/25V
C113 33/160V
C114 47/50V
C115 1n/1000V
C116 820p
C118 1n/1000V
C119 2.2n/250VAC
C122 2.2n/250VAC
C134 100n
C135 2200/25V
C136 2200/16V
C137 100n
C138 100/50V
C139 220/10V
C141 220/250V
C142 22/100V
C143 100n
C146 100n
C150 100n
C153 2.2n/500V
D101 RBV406M
D102 RGP10J
D105 RGP10D
D106 RGP10D
D107 RGP10D
D108 RGP10D
D109 RGP10D
D110 8.2V
D111 1N4933
D115 RU3AM
D116 RU3AM
D125 SB30
D127 RU2AM
D129 RGP10D
D130 1SS131
D134 6.2V
D137 8.2V
D139 5.6V
F101 fuseholder/ fuse
HS101 smps-sink
HS102 reg-sink
IC101 STR-S6707
IC102 TLP733
IC103 7812
IC104 LM2940
IC105 KIA431
L101 Line Filter
L102 Line Filter
L103 2xbead8mm
L132 f-bead
L201 1xbead8mm
Q101 KTC3228
Q102 KTC3206
Q115 KTC4370Y
Q116 KTC3198
Q117 KTC1027
Q118 KTC1027
Q119 KTC3206
Q120 KTC3198
R101 300k/0.5W
R102 0.39/5W
R103 0.39/5W
R104 1M/0.25W
R105 1M/0.25W
R106 47k/0.5W
R107 86k/0.5W
R111 47/0.5W
R112 47/0.5W
R113 4.7/0.5W
R114 36k/0.5W
R115 820/0.5W
R116 30k/0.25W
R117 4.7k/0.1W
R118 100/0.1W
R119 0.47/0.5W METAL
R120 0.47/0.5W METAL
R121 2.7k/0.25W
R122 1k/0.1W
R141 10/0.1W
R147 0.27/0.5W METAL
R148 0.27/0.5W METAL
R149 0.27/0.5W METAL
R152 62k/0.25W
R153 75k/0.25W
R154 12k/0.1W
R155 2.4k/0.25W
R156 3k/0.25W
R157 20k/0.1W
R158 56k/0.25W
R160 1.5k/0.25W
R161 1.5k/0.25W
R162 20k/0.5W
R163 10k/0.25W
R164 1.2/0.5W METAL
R165 20k/0.25W
R166 20k/0.5W
R167 56k/0.25W
R169 22k/0.25W
R171 270k/0.25W
R180 5k trimmer
R181 1.5k/0.25W
T101 TRAFO TG-X-456A2

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