Nocrotec IN-18 Golden Nugget Nixie Clock

The very latest in Nixie art. LIMITED GOLD EDITION! This is our exclusive, feature packed, high quality Nixie clock. This clock is handmade and uses very large Russian IN-18 Nixie tubes. Its innovative circuitry and high-tech components allows to design the clock according to a perfect proportion.

Perfectly executed proportions determine the pure design of this timepiece. The case is made of brass - a complimentary material for this unique Nixie clock. The surface is very shiny and reflects the orange glow of the Nixie tubes - you won't be able to take your eyes off it. We will send a pair of cotton gloves along with your Nocrotec IN-18 Golden Nugget Nixie Clock in order to avoid leaving fingerprints on the case. Please wear them whenever you touch your Nixie clock.

The Nocrotec IN-18 Golden Nugget Nixie Clock uses a state of the art circuitry. Time is kept by precise real time clock. It's accurate to within 0.0003s per minute. Nixie tubes require a high voltage to operate. In the Nixie clocks there are different techniques used to generate this voltage. The Nocrotec IN-18 Golden Nugget Nixie Clock uses the most innovative power supply we are aware of. It is a highly efficient, fully screened, low noise switch mode power supply with a very small shape (inside the case of course). The clock is not multiplexed, so the Nixie tubes are driven directly.

The tubes are Russian IN-18. A popular but rare tube with the "incredible" digit height of 1.57" (40 mm). The shape of the numbers of the IN-18 Nixie tube have been considered to be one of the most beautiful ever made.

- Time: displayed with colons
- Date: displayed with dots
- 12/24h mode
- Date in configuration DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY
- Cross fading: different modes to fade the digits from one number to the next
- Alarm clock
- Power Down Mode: tubes and supply can be totally switched off for a user programmed period in order to save energy and increase the life expectancy of the tubes
- 12VDC input voltage
- Time is battery buffered when no line power is available; the battery will last for more than 10 years
- User settings are always stored
- Tubes are not soldered: easy to replace
- Glass colon tubes
- Case is made of brass
- Protective circuit: if one of the tubes is broken or damaged, the clock automatically switches off the internal power supply. The display turns off immediately and no voltage is supplied to the tubes

Overall dimensions (incl. tubes):
- 11" (280 mm) long
- 3.6" (92 mm) high
- 4" (100 mm) deep

- About 1.2" (30 mm) in diameter
- Visible part is 2.45"' (62 mm) tall from the metal case to the top of the tube
- Digit height is 1.57" (40 mm) high

- 11" (280 mm) long
- 1.1" (28 mm) high
- 4" (100 mm) deep